4 Steps Canadian Exporters Should Take to Grow Their Exports to the United

In 2020, Canadian businesses exported 375 billion dollars of merchandise to the U.S. and only 148 billion dollars of merchandise to countries other than the U.S. This means that over 70% of Canadian merchandise exports go the United States! Canadian exporters can ship products quickly and cheaply to their American customers which makes the U.S. the ideal market for Canadian exporters.

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New CPTPP Preferential Tariff For Peru

On September 19, 2021, the CPTPP entered into force for Peru, which then joined Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam as Parties to the Agreement. The List of Countries and Applicable Tariff Treatment schedule has not been updated to indicate Peru as a party and eligible for the CPTPP.

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The Basics of eCommerce and 3rd Party Fulfillment

Third-party fulfillment is an outsourced logistics solution where a business (merchant) contracts a 3rd party company to store its merchandise, pick and pack its orders, and handle its last mile shipping from the fulfillment center to its end customer.

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California Port Pileup

The labor unrest at West Coast ports caused massive congestions back in 2015. This pales in comparison to the current state of events unfolding at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as stated by the American Shipper.

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8 Step Logistics Plan

8 Step Logistics Plan SHARE Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Here at JORI Logistics, we exist to provide local businesses high

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Air freight plane on runway with yellow runway line


The new NAFTA: Importers or exporters can leverage USMCA, USMCA or T-MEC to ship products across North America duty free. The catch? Updated rules mean new certificates of origin are needed.

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IMO Sulphur Limits

IMO Sulphur Limits Here at JORI International Ltd., we aim to educate you on the latest changes in the shipping industry. Starting January 1, 2020,

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Shipping to Canada FAQs

Shipping to Canada FAQs As an occasional importer there are two parts to consider when importing your goods into Canada. The first is making sure

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The Harmonized Tariff

The Harmonized Tariff In this post, I’m going to go over the basics of the HS system which is so fundamental to international trade. The

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