Non-Resident Importer

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U.S. companies looking to expand their exports and serve Canadian customers need to be familiar with the Non Resident Importer (NRI) program in Canada.

To be a Non Resident Importer, you need to set up a business number in Canada, have an active importer number in Canada, have a GST reporting process in place and have a customs broker partner.

Unlike other freight forwarders and customs brokers, JORI Logistics makes the NRI program easy. We offer two different turnkey options for U.S. companies exporting goods to Canada that’s compliant with the Non Resident Importer program.

Option 1

Multi-shipment, Multi-customer Canadian Strategy

Designed for Non Resident Importers that want full control over the shipping experience, this option is for companies that have multiple shipments into Canada and want the flexibility to easily serve multiple Canadian customers. This ensures the easiest buying experience for your Canadian customers because they don’t need to worry about anything except paying your invoice.

Under option 1, JORI will do the following:

Note: You must use Option 1, if your business is deemed to be “carrying on business in Canada.” Generally, if you do not have any active employees or contractors in Canada, and you do not have an office in Canada you are not considered to be “carrying on business in Canada”. We recommend you review this article from the Canadian government to confirm this.
Option 2

Single customer, single shipment strategy

Option 2 is designed for Non Resident businesses that have a special project, or a one-off shipment into Canada. Under Option 2, the Non Resident Importer does not register as a GST registrant in Canada and will pass the import GST costs to its Canadian client.

In this scenario, you will invoice your Canadian customer for the value of the goods being imported into Canada, AND an additional 5% GST on top of the invoice price. In order to collect GST from your customer you will have to put a specific disclaimer on your commercial invoice.

Under option 2, JORI will do the following:

Option 2 can be complex to administer, especially if you have a unique situation such as not knowing the sale price of your product at the time of importation

Note: This option is only available if your business is “not carrying on business in Canada

Common Non Resident Importer Questions

The Non Resident Importer program is designed for U.S. companies that want to ship to customers in Canada and make the buying experience as easy as possible for their Canadian customers. In this scenario, the U.S. company pays all the shipping, customs and duty costs—and the import tax is recoverable. The buying experience for a Canadian customer will be seamless and easy; as if they’re buying a product locally.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business and reach new customers into Canada or if you have a one-off shipment, the Non Resident Importer program is for you.
You need to register for a business number in Canada, have an active importer number in Canada, have a GST reporting process in place and have a customs broker partner. JORI can help with all those things as we provide a hassle-free, turnkey solution for Non Resident Importers.
Yes, Non Resident Importers are required to pay GST. Depending on the option you use, you can either 1) claim GST back through an input tax credit if you’re registered with a GST number or 2) Pass the GST on to the customer.

Becoming a Non Resident Importer into Canada does not have to be a headache.

JORI can help you navigate the process. If you have questions or want to learn more about which option is better for you, contact our import specialists at or call us at (403) 571-3200.