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JORI Logistics’ freight forwarding capabilities will expand your business beyond borders.

With freight forwarding partners in 195 countries around the world, JORI has the expertise to ship your commercial products anywhere. International shipping requires proper export documentation, understanding of global import and export regulations and analysis of the best transportation solution. We provide turnkey logistics services and take care of the nitty-gritty logistics, so you can focus on building your business.  

Whether you’re shipping an 80 lb box of analyzers to Beijing, or an 80,000 lbs mining vehicle to Kazakhstan—we’ve got you covered. JORI takes care of all commercial shipments anywhere in the world.

We’ll do the following, so you don’t have to:

Provide cargo insurance options, claims processing and dispute resolution
Liaise directly with the transportation provider
Leverage JORI’s preferential rates with international transportation partners
Recommend the most efficient mode of transportation
Coordinate the shipping of commercial products from North America to any destination in the world
Shipment tracking and tracing
Professional guidance to mitigate customs compliance risk
Ensure you have the correct permits and import/export documentation so your products can easily enter a foreign country
Transportation of dangerous goods

We want your business to succeed. 

That means finding the right mode of transportation, within your budget and timeline, so you can trust that your products will get to where they need to go. JORI helps your business succeed by providing one point of contact for global freight forwarding needs – a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Your JORI CSR gives you two distinct advantages

Air Freight

At JORI Logistics, we handle air freight with care because we know how important it is to you. When you need to move something quickly, you can rely on us to make it happen seamlessly.

Ocean Freight

While it can seem complicated and confusing partnering with JORI Logistics makes it easy. We’re not afraid to get creative with our transportation solutions to find the best fit for you.

Ground Transportation

JORI Logistics has an extensive network of companies. Whether your priorities are speed, reliability, cost or careful handling, we can identify the best carrier for the job.

Project Freight

Experience moving over-dimensional international freight around the globe. Our industry leading software ensures your project remains on schedule and on budget.

Tradeshow Freight

We handle tradeshow freight with extra care. Our team has first-hand experience in the setup and material handling of tradeshows. We've even set up pipe and drape!

Small Parcel

If you ship small parcels, working with a freight forwarder like JORI helps provide clarity, transparency and a more holistic approach to your overall shipping strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please reach out to us by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

For many businesses logistics often take a back seat, here at Jori International we believe that they hold the potential to give your business a distinct competitive edge. Effective logistics can lead to reduced costs, expand your customer base, and enhance the overall customer experience by providing a wider range of shipping options.

There are several forms of transportation available for shipping goods, each offering distinct advantages depending on factors such as the nature of the cargo, destination, urgency, and cost considerations. Here are the main 5 modes of transportation: 

  1. Road Transportation: This involves the use of trucks and other vehicles to transport goods across land. 
  2. Rail Transportation: This is the use of trains to move cargo from one location to another. 
  3. Ocean Transportation: This is the use of cargo ships or vesicles to move goods across seas or oceans. 
  4. Air Transportation: This is the use of airplanes to transport goods quickly over long distances.
  5. Intermodal Transportation: This involves using multiple modes of transportation for a single shipment. 

There are five areas you want to look at to keep overall truck freight costs down. By focusing on these 5 main areas your overall costs should be reduced.

  1. The Cost Per Shipment – this is the most important cost that you want to control, making sure that it is as low as possible. 
  2. Late Pick Up/Delivery Costs 
  3. Lost/Damaged Freight Costs
  4. Customer Goodwill Costs 
  5. Administrative Time/Opportunity Costs 

Founded in 1992, Jori International is a fully licensed and integrated Canadian and US Customs Broker. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive freight forwarding service, allowing us to facilitate the transportation of commercial goods to and from any location worldwide, as long as it is a business-to-business (B2B) transaction. We focus on providing hands-on customer service to our clients, ensuring ultimate satisfaction.

Our headquarters are located in Calgary, AB. We also have offices in Houston, TX; Cebu City, PH; and Almaty, KZ. 

At Jori International we work with businesses of all sizes, ranging from small businesses that are just starting to larger, well-established companies. 

The Jori advantage is to give import and export businesses the most compelling international shipping experience possible by providing hands-on logistics services.