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JORI Logistics’ warehousing services can expand your geographic reach.

eCommerce has grown by 24.5x in recent years. In 2020, it was a $4.8B industry. For any company selling physical goods, having a strong understanding of eCommerce and how it supports your overall business strategy can create a competitive advantage in our modern economy. 

JORI Logistics has been providing customs brokerage and logistics services since 1992. We leverage this experience to create a turn-key warehouse solution. Unlike other warehousing providers, we handle the last mile logistics from our warehouse to the end customer and we can bring products from anywhere around the globe to our warehouse. As a client of JORI’s, this means you deal with one company to handle all your end-to-end logistics needs from customs clearances to all modes of transportation.

eCommerce Fulfillment

We'll prep, package and ship your products. Our inventory management systems integrate directly with multiple ecommerce software solutions.


JORI Logistics will receive and consolidate your shipments for more efficient delivery using our short-term warehouse storage and cross docking services.

Traditional Warehousing

Don't need a full warehouse all to yourself? We've got room for you at the JORI warehouse as we offer bulk floor and multiple pallet storage options.

FBA Prep Service

We're experts in the Amazon FBA process and can help you optimize inventory storage. We'll prepare and ship your inventory to Amazon warehouses.

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