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Tradeshow shipping and logistics is fast-paced with lots of moving pieces.

We understand the nightmare feeling of finding out your tradeshow shipment has been lost in transit or delayed at customs and the event you’ve spent months preparing for continues without you. 

At JORI Logistics, we handle tradeshow freight with extra care. Our team has first-hand experience in the setup and material handling of tradeshows, from building pipe and drape to rolling out the carpets. We can monitor and facilitate all shipments going in and out of a tradeshow and have the customs brokerage expertise to clear any border.

Common Tradeshow Freight Questions

Yes, we have enough carriers in our freight network that we can move your shipment after hours and/or over the weekend. Tradeshow takedown is busy and confusing. Let us take care of the details so your team can get some shut eye on the way home.

If your tradeshow shipment is a temporary import (ie. display booth), you don’t need to pay duties or taxes. However, if you’re bringing company swag or prizes to give away, you’ll need to pay duty and tax. Sometimes, there are exceptions where tradeshows have a special designations to bring certain goods in for free. These are broad rules and if you have questions about your specific circumstance, please contact us.

While we don’t bring freight directly to the tradeshow booth, we work closely with the tradeshow material handler to ensure your goods arrive at your feet. The material handler manages all logistics within the show and we can liaise with them to ensure seamless delivery.

When you need to store your shipment, we work with a third-party warehousing partner. Often, the material handler for the tradeshow already has a warehousing solution, so we recommend checking with them first.

Reach out ot us when you know you’re attending a tradeshow. We work closely with our clients to set up a schedule that accounts for shipping times and advanced warehouse deadlines that many tradeshows have. We recommend at least 6-weeks lead time for shipments within North America. Shipping early is always a good idea and JORI can store the freight for free up to 30 days before a show (when there’s no advanced warehouse provided by the tradeshow).

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