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A fully licensed U.S. customs broker and freight forwarder located in Houston, Texas, JORI International is committed to helping clients reduce customs compliance risk and move their goods seamlessly across borders. 

A Cross-border team

Canadian companies exporting to the U.S. will have a U.S. customs partner and a local Canadian contact who understands their business. We get the context of your business and logistics strategy, helping reduce customs compliance risk and move your goods efficiently.

U.S. Expertise

JORI provides turnkey solutions for U.S. importers and exporters. We have extensive experience in agribusiness, aerospace, retail, food, heavy equipment, energy, mining, natural health products, textiles and automotive industries and manage all U.S. customs clearances directly from our Houston office.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions please reach out to us by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

A US Customs Broker is a licensed professional who helps businesses clear goods through customs by ensuring compliance with regulations, preparing necessary documents, and navigating complex customs procedures. They facilitate smooth import and export processes for businesses.
US customs regulations can be complex, and attempting to handle them independently can lead to expenses and delays. A US customs broker can simplify the import and export process, saving both time and money while ensuring compliance with all customs regulations. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, partnering with a customs broker can significantly enhance your international trade operations.
The documents required depend on the nature of the goods being imported or exported. Common documents include commercial invoices, bills of lading, packing lists, and import/export permits.
It is not mandatory to use a customs broker for every shipment, however, our expertise can be extremely helpful. Navigating the complex US customs regulations correctly can be challenging, and our assistance can greatly simplify the process.
Absolutely, US Customs Brokers can provide guidance on tariff classification and duties. We have specialized knowledge about HS codes and can help your business to classify their goods correctly. We can also help with duties, taxes and fees associated with specific tariff classifications, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and reducing costs for importers and exporters.
If you experience issues with customs clearance, don’t worry! We specialize in handling these situations. We’ll speak with customs authorities to resolve any documentation issues and navigate any complications that arise. Our goal is to ensure a smooth clearance process for all your goods, minimizing delays along the way.
US Customs Brokers streamline the customs clearance process by following essential steps. We begin by gathering and reviewing all required documents. Using the ACE system, we file the entry summary, working closely with CBP to evaluate duties, taxes, and fees. Carrying out compliance checks and necessary goods inspections, we ensure compliance with regulations. Upon CBP approval of documentation and compliance, we facilitate the smooth release of goods from customs.
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