CBSA’s Assessment and Revenue Management Project (CARM)

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CBSA has introduced the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management Project (CARM) with the goal to modernize and streamline the process of importing commercial goods into Canada as they move towards a client-centric platform.


CARM is a multi-year initiative that started in 2016 aimed to simplify the importing process. Its solution is an online portal that will give the trade community 24/7 access to border service and transform the importing process electronically. This will comprise of the ability to submit electronic declarations, make payments and view declarations online, and access tools to classify goods and calculate duties and taxes.

Once fully implemented, CBSA claims that CARM will:

  • Simplify the overall importing process
  • Provide a modern interface for importing into Canada
  • Give importers self-service access to their own information
  • Reduce the cost of importing into Canada
  • Improve consistency in trade rules and decisions
  • Strengthen compliance verification and fraud detection


The implementation of CARM is structured in a series of releases. The Accounts Receivable Ledger (ARL) was the first phase of the CARM project. For details on ARL, consult the Commercial Payments and Accounts section of our website.

Spring 2020: Complete movement of existing ARL system from its existing data centre configuration to the cloud, with no changes in functionality for external users.

Fall 2020: The first release of new functionality under CARM, will provide trade chain partners with new tools for managing their accounts with CBSA, including an online self-service portal, and online invoicing and payments.

Spring 2021: The second release will introduce additional functionality for trade chain members such as registration, enrolment and electronic declaration with versioning.

CBSA is working with a Trade Chain Partner Working Group and is engaging its members on the CARM design. Their collective perspectives and expertise ensure that:

  • CARM results in a business transformation, not just a technology implementation.
  • CARM streamlines trade business processes.
  • CARM makes it easier to trade in Canada.
  • CARM is all about innovation and change.
  • CARM is a highly collaborative process.

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