Step 2: Get an RPP bond


What is the Release Prior to payment (RPP) program?

It is a form of security that importers will need to post with the CBSA.

The RPP program entitles Importers to: 

    • Obtain the release of goods from the CBSA before paying duties and taxes.
    • Defer accounting for goods. 
    • Defer payment of duties and taxes. 

All importers who wish to participate in the RPP program will be required to enroll in RPP and post financial security.

Importers will no longer be allowed to use their broker’s financial security to participate in RPP. 

Importers that are not RPP participants would continue to have the option to pay full duties and taxes at the time of release, at a port of entry (CASH Entry).

JORI is in the process of vetting security providers for our clients. We will advise once we have more information on this. To best prepare and make sure your goods are not delayed at the border ensure your company is registered on the CARM client portal before May 01, 2024, and have given JORI the appropriate delegation of authority levels so that we can continue to do business on your behalf with Canada customs. Making sure you are registered will allow you to take advantage of the RPP Transition Plan so that you are given extra time to get your bond in place.