The New “NAFTA” – CUSMA/USMCA/T-MEC Agreement

When will the agreement come into force?

While the Agreement between Canada, the United States of America, and the United Mexican States, has passed through both Congress and the House of Commons, there is still months of work to be done before CUSMA is incorporated into Canadian law.

All three countries will need to work through various measures necessary to complete the deal.  Each country will advise the others, when it has completed its process.  Once all three countries have notified each other, the agreement will take effect on the first day of the third month after the final country provides notification.

How will it affect me?

The existing NAFTA certificates will not be valid after the new agreement is completed between the 3 countries. 

JORI recommends you start working with your vendors and learning more about what it means to your business. 

What form do we use now?

There is no prescribed form. In place there is a “minimum data set” specified in order to meet the qualification requirement.  The qualification using the prescribed data set can be done on other documents such as a commercial invoice and can be completed and signed by the importer, exporter or producer.

If you prefer the use of a form – please contact your JORI Representative who can provide you with a form.

What’s new? 

De Minimis threshold changed the which low-value goods could enter the country duty free.

  • In Canada – $150 CAD for customs and $40.00 CAD for taxes

  • In USA – $800 USD

  • In Mexico – $117.00 USD for customs and $50.00 USD for taxes.

Automotive rules of origin have changed considerably.

Dairy – ultra filter milk into Canada restrictions have been removed.

Rules of Origin for qualifying origin have changed.

Please contact your JORI Representative if you have any questions or concerns.