JORI's VP Goes to the Daily Edition


Our Vice President, Sam Woods, was recently interviewed by journalist  Matt Gurney on the Daily Edition to discuss container shipping challenges that have arisen globally amidst the pandemic.

Matt and Sam talked about how ocean containers that are being shipped on cargo vessels are facing various problems like container shortages and port congestion. They also talked about container pileups that can be traced back to various sources across the world. One of the points was about the recent incident at the Suez Canal in Egypt.

Near the end of the interview, Sam gave out a piece of advice that’s really useful for people in the business: “Importing and exporting is not done on a spreadsheet. These are real goods and there are issues. … shippers need to have contingency plans in place.”

Please visit this link for the full interview. It’s a good opportunity to get a synopsis of what is happening on the ground with container shipping:

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