The JORI Shipper’s Guidebook Series: Preparing for CARM Registration


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is rolling out the CARM project, changing how import duties and taxes are handled. With the April 26 registration deadline looming, here’s a concise guide from JORI Logistics to get you ready:

•April 26: The CARM Deadline

Don’t miss out! Ensure you’re registered for CARM by April 26 to keep your imports smooth.

•Talk to Your Broker

Let your broker know if you’ll be paying Duty/GST directly to CBSA. It’s a crucial detail for managing your payments under CARM.

•Keep an Eye on Payments

Payment schedules and due dates are changing. Stay updated to avoid delays.

•Broker Services for CARM

Explore what your broker can offer for navigating the CARM portal and pick what’s best for your business.

•Monthly Portal Logins

Log into your CARM portal at least once a month to keep your account active.

•Sorting Out Discrepancies

Notice any differences between your broker and CARM statements? Check with your broker to get it sorted.


Adapting to CARM is key for smooth importing. JORI Logistics is here to help guide you through these changes. Have questions or need support? We’re just a call away.


Get ready, stay informed, and let’s tackle these changes together for a seamless transition.

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