Step 3: changes to the payment of duties, taxes, and statement of account Reconciliation


Account Based Clearing

    • Release 2 simplifies the clearing process for importers by moving to an account-based model.
      • The clearing order is based on the age of debt and type of transactions.
      • Clearing will run nightly on all due debt according to the offsetting preferences established by the account holder.
    • If desired, importer can choose to allocate and clear a credit against a specific transaction via the portal.

Billing Cycle Overview

The Payment Due Date for customs is changing from the second last business day of the month to 10 business days after the 17thof the month. For JORI to pay CBSA on your behalf we need your payments to us by end of the third last business day of each month to meet the CBSA payment deadline.

For JORI to continue to make payments to CBSA on your behalf, JORI will need continued Business Account Management Access levels. If Access levels change there could be delays with processing your shipments into Canada, and payments of amounts on your CBSA import account.

Please note JORI cannot pay the CBSA if we do not receive your funds on time. Late payment of Customs Duty/Excise/SIMA/GST will result in interest and penalties on your CBSA import account.  You as the importer are responsible for interest and penalties resulting from late payment. 

***Your Statement of account with JORI, may not reflect all amounts due to CBSA for your account***

Should you wish to confirm the actual amount owing to CBSA, please login to your CARM Client Portal for your complete CBSA statement of account.  Weblink: 

For further details on late payments, interest and penalties please visit the CBSA website:

JORI may have additional options in regard to RPP bonds and statement of account reconciliations in the new year so keep watching our newsletter for those updates. Please make sure to complete step 1 by May 01, 2024