Navigating CARM: Current Delay Confirmed Until October

Navigating CARM: Current Delay Confirmed Until October SHARE What Is CARM?  CARM, short for the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management Project, is a multi-year initiative aimed at transforming the collection of duties and taxes for goods imported into Canada. Key Considerations for Importers: Web Portal Access: Importers will have their own […]

Step 3: changes to the payment of duties, taxes, and statement of account Reconciliation 

The Payment Due Date for customs is changing from the second last business day of the month to 10 business days after the 17thof the month. For JORI to pay CBSA on your behalf we need your payments to us by end of the third last business day of each month to meet the CBSA payment deadline.

Step 2: Get an RPP bond

What is the Release Prior to payment (RPP) program?
It is a form of security that importers will need to post with the CBSA.

The RPP program entitles Importers to:

Obtain the release of goods from the CBSA before paying duties and taxes,
Defer accounting for goods, and
Defer payment of duties and taxes

Step 1: Register on the CARM portal


CARM is here now. Before May 2024, importers and other trade chain partners need to register and adapt their systems and business practices. Getting aligned with CARM now will help you avoid interruptions and delays later.