U.S. Customs Basics for Canadian Exporters (Intermediate)

Thursday, June 16, 2022

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM 

Online Webinar

The United States presents huge opportunities for Canadian exporters...

In 2020, Canadian businesses exported 375 billion dollars of merchandise to the U.S. and only 148 billion dollars of merchandise to countries other than the U.S. This means that over 70% of Canadian merchandise exports go the United States!  Additionally, the proximity between the two countries gives Canadian exporters the ability to ship products quickly and cheaply to their American customers.

Many Canadian exporters are successfully shipping to the U.S., but they’re missing out on critical opportunities keep costs down by utilizing U.S. customs and trade regulations to their advantage.

Other exporters may be shipping into the U.S. and exposing themselves to critical U.S customs compliance risk without even knowing it—just because you successfully shipped something into the U.S. does NOT automatically mean that you are in compliance with U.S. customs. That’s what retroactive audits, fines and penalties are for!

This webinar is a continuation of our previous US Customs Basics for Canadian Exporters intermediate course. We will be reviewing the basic concepts and exploring some topics in greater detail. 

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Hosted by Kurt Bush, JORI Logistics' Senior U.S. Licensed Customs Broker

Kurt started his career in the early 1990’s working at the Coutts / Sweetgrass border crossing and holds his professional customs brokerage designation. Kurt has held senior management positions at several U.S. Customs House Brokers and combines real world experience with technical expertise. His experience working at the Montana border makes him the ideal resource for Canadian exporters hoping to get a real world understand of how to best import into the U.S.