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JORI Logistics takes the complexity out of Canada customs clearances so you can focus on running your business.

For up to four years retroactively, Canada Customs can seize goods, assign hefty fines, increase customs inspections, and ban clients from further importations. Businesses can be penalized with fines, increased shipment inspections and more frequent customs audits. JORI Logistics has the Canadian customs brokerage expertise to transform your logistics into a competitive advantage.

We’re committed to customer service and unlike many Canadian customs brokers, assign a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) to every client. This CSR will know everything about your business so you don’t waste time explaining yourself over and over again.

Proactive Problem Solvers

Our goal is to ensure uninterrupted flow of goods across the border so there’s no interruption to your business.

Reduce Customs Compliance Risk

JORI Logistics can help ensure consistent Canadian customs compliance and correct previous customs compliance mistakes.

A Single Point of Contact

Your dedicated CSR manages everything from day-to-day importing to your overall customs compliance strategy.

We believe shipping is an integral part of your business; one that shouldn’t take away from your bottom line. 

JORI Logistics can clear Canadian customs shipments on behalf of its clients at any border crossing. We do not need to be physically located at border crossings across Canada. Instead, we aim to reduce our customer costs by doing all Canadian customs clearances from our central location in Calgary. 

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